Back in Business

Hello friends, readers…do I still have any readers I wonder?  My last blog post published in December took me 3 hours to compose…my computer was grinding to a halt.  What to do.  New computer for $2400?  Fix this one….is that even possible? I began to research by reading, contacting an IT friend, emailing my nephew, […]

St. Croix

We arrived in this beautiful place after an airline adventure I hope to never repeat but with plenty of help from “home base” (thank you Cheryl and Ashton for reeling us in). Before swimming there’s coffee, smoothies and drawing After swimming and drawing…an adventure…


Last weekend we dashed to Oakland with Jennifer and George to see Fanny…their daughter and our niece. Fanny has lived in the east bay area for about 5 years but R and I haven’t been to we had a long sunny weekend of good fun, good food and lots of art. Fanny made all […]