One Day Off

It rained today.  As my friend Ellen put it, about waking up to a recent rainy Vermont day “…it seemed an invitation to a Reading Day.  I accepted.”  Ahhh… I think my life to be pretty full and fun…making things, seeing things, good work to do, interesting people, lots of art, a supportive family, beautiful […]

Sunday Fun….

A varied sort of day today…art/babies/friends/family…picked up my Madras show work from Coralee and got to see the piece she bought, installed…”Tron”…looking good… Downtown to catch Sue-Del McCulloch and Katy McFadden talk about their work on view at Waterstone Gallery… but I couldn’t get past Katy’s beautiful and expressive hands… Or Alexander’s cautious flirtation… A […]

13 Hats at 12 X 16

It was a beautiful day for looking at art today (…and what day WOULDN”T be a beautiful day for looking at art???) so we jumped into the car and headed to the artist’s reception at 12 x 16 Gallery.  The show there this month is by a collaborative group called “13 Hats”(…but really there are […]