Birth Announcement!

Hooray! Sidney Roger Hull joined us on November 16th, 2013…born in Portland, Oregon.  His life will not be chronicled here…(his parents would like him to become a media star in his own good time…)  But…this is the point where his young life intersects with ours…delightfully.   He’s a beautiful boy, now just a week old.  So, a few images for friends and family afar…there is magical moment when you look into a baby’s face and glimpse a future you will not be a part of.  It seems oddly reassuring though, that somebody from this wacky family of weirdly creative people will be out there…here’s Sidney:

Roger: SidRoger with Sidme and Sidney


R holding Sid 11-22R?S 2r:s 3

red wrAP

and here’s the third and FINAL (Ashton…I Promise) baby quilt…this one made from fabrics brought to the baby shower…it isn’t quite done, but a Thanksgiving delivery is predicted…

the fabriccutting boardmidway through

Baby showr quilt

fiinished quilt


  1. Oh beautiful boy.
    Selfishly glad that the blog won’t dissolve completely into gramma-hood.
    Wise parents. See way too many kid pics online that they may come to regret…and/or it will be a totally new world, hopefully NOT like Super Sad True Love Story!

  2. Oh, Bonnie, he’s beautiful and we’re so happy for you all. Being a grandparent is the best! The picture of Sidney with his hands up by his face reminds me of a certain professor’s thoughtful pose! Hope they’ll let you post a picture once in awhile!

  3. I’ve been waiting for this moment for you and Roger! Congratulations all around, what a beautiful boy! I agree with Linda Nelson above, hands by face remind me of Roger also, I love noticing these inherited traits. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy! xoxo

  4. Such a wonder! You will have a hard time getting enough of this little boy! Congratulations and hugs all around!

  5. WELCOME & CONGRATULATIONS ! 1st full sized one, looks like a Christmas card, to me. Lucky parentsLucky G-pa & G-maLucky, lucky little boySuch LoveSuch FunSuch a Good Job, Mom….. N Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2013 02:45:35 +0000 To:

  6. All of what is coming seems like a delightful bonus. Those of us who waited for decades for grandchildren and made noise like it was fine that we wouldn’t have them are, celebrating this development.
    Sweet times ahead for you now.
    We join you in celebrating. Jack and Irene

    We are fresh from a trampoline party for a 9 year old and a Facetime with an 15 month old in his high chair. Wish for more stamina in both cases.

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