Jackie Johnson

A week ago we went up to the Laura Russo Gallery to see Jackie Johnson’s new show, and thought the paintings were beautiful.  The colors, the symbols, the implied combo of cityscape and excavation site, were very appealing to me…take a look and then put it on your calendar…the show is up all month…

Jackie words

Jackie 1

Jackie 2pink road

yellow leaf

the placed was packed, and it wasn’t even first Thursday yet!  Jackie is showing along with Margot Voorhies Thompson…

Gallery 2Gallery

Friends and well-wishers were everywhere…here’s Jackie in the middle, Eunice Parsons on the right, and a guy with a cool tee shirt of the left (oops, I slipped out of reporter mode for a moment and didn’t get his name)…his shirt says “There are unknown artists.  There are legendary masters.  Rarely could one artist be described as both.  Clyfford Still.”

J<E 1J,E 3J,E 2

At the event I ran into Henk Pander who took me into the office to see his new double portrait of gallery owner Martha Lee and her daughter…


and then there was the Fay Jones detail…this would make a great embroidery…

Fay Jones

and of course we had to celebrate Jackie’s birthday over at George and Phyllis’s house…it was a conflagration followed by a smoke screen…

cakesmoke screen

and we all were given hats…

Jane HansenJon ColburnGeorgeR & John StahlAARon and Phylliscowgirl

but enough fun…go see the show.  The work is good.






  1. Hello Miss Bonnie, Agree, agree, agree. Thanks for the great hat pictures! And for finding the perfect hat for me :-). See you in a few…

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