What to Do in June…

Well the month is half gone…the light remains until 9:00 p.m….there’s lots of time to do stuff.   Things comes into the house as shares …


Claudia's thankyou

Melanie's thankyou

San's cherry jam


there are the activities of house-holding…

bean patrol

tidy up 1Tidy up 2

artist in the garden 1artist in the garden 2




read (1)

Christine's water (1)

Christine's stuff


coffee break




look at art…

watching the video

Nelson Sandgren (2)

Royal Nebeker

Brice Marden

send off the last Circle 8 drawing book…

J 2J 3J 4

J 5J 6J 7

J 9Janet 1J fabric

J package



and draw…


and it isn’t even summer yet…ahhhh.

Sky show



  1. X-tra special “sharing”…..love, and so appreciate the “time” you take to share w/us, your adoring public…………& the Roger, inclusions are extra special, (was going to claim that ALL of us feel this way…..but realized I probably shouldn’t speak for “the others”)……& “I” enjoy them a lot……………Your interests and talents > inspiring….and as I said……….we are enriched, whenever you share…Roger, or not !! hugs from here, nadine

  2. Every last frame is beautiful! Thanks for including a glimpse of your drawings and the swoon-worthy clouds! Your photos continue to amaze.

  3. I wish I knew something about clouds as I think each sky show probably is a coded message of some sort “Have a nice day” or “Watch out for rain” or something.

  4. Delightful post from being to end! Just love the photo of grandpa and the little fella riding the bike( I guess that’s what it is) .. I like to play I spy with the clouds 🙂

  5. Great stuff here Bonnie, love the inclusion of Claudia Cave!!! And the selfie, and, all the rest. Really wonderful photos. Heart warmers one and all. and i drew yesterday! You are such an inspiration!

  6. I’m afraid we’re going to have to put Roger-and-Sidney-on-the-bouncy/rocky-car on the refrigerator.

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