Yesterday I got the “get out of jail” card…so we took off It was one of those weird days in Oregon where it sun shines and then rains, repeat…and we were doing a lot of unglamorous errands like  recycling styrofoam and old telephones and stuff…returning an unused grab bar to Ace Hardware…you know the kind […]

Being Thankful

Being thankful is even more to the point on the day AFTER Thanksgiving, when one’s loved ones have departed leaving a warm glow…and a fridge full of delectables.  I can say this year it was underscored for me that my family is funny, good-looking, interesting and lively.  All were willing to try something different this […]


After sort of smugly watching the national weather chart all summer and seeing one cool band in the whole country, here in the northwest, we have now got our comeuppance.  It’s so hot we’re sort of hallucinating…seeing “eyes” on logs and stuff: It was so hot today we got an iced coffee and headed for […]

Fall Ride…

Mark Babson came to get me today for a ride in the bike taxi. We took off into the fall sunshine and WHAT TOTAL FUN!! 14th and Center: Across the RR bridge: Past the carousel: Toward (and through) the Willamette campus: over the TIUA footbridge…looking north: and looking south: and a lot of places I […]


Which seems like a silly thing to say in mid-August.  Escaping the heat in the valley was successful, but now we’re wearing three sweaters and shivering.  Our bike ride after dinner through the quiet streets revealed one basketball player, and a deer.  The bay was beautiful this evening after a day of hard work back […]