Cutler City, Oregon

Let’s back track a little.  Cutler City, site of our aforementioned beach house, is at the far south end of the “Ten Miracles Miles” known as “Lincoln City” (a made-up name used to designate the small towns of Ocean Lake, Delake, Nelscott, Taft and Cutler City, which became as one in March of 1965).  Historically […]

The Crab Pot

The Crab Pot was an institution in Lincoln City…most especially in Cutler City.  The original business dates way back to the 1920’s… For 39 years it has been owned and operated by Allen Black, who lived above the storefront.  R and I have been buying fish there since 1992 and have had many a good […]


Oh bliss…this is it, don’t you think?  Berries… pie and birthdays dinners with neighbors (and here R had to borrow Evan’s garden gloves to open the champagne…) drives to the beach… More dinners… Thanks for the evening, you guys! heading home with a view of the Bay… …and GUYS…it isn’t even the 4th yet!  


Okay…our little enclave at the beach is just so…well…adorable.  Especially our street, Ebb Street… which includes our house, Mary Lou and Alan’s, Terry and LuAnn’s, Wee Packum Inn, Jim & Carol’s and nearby David and Susan, and Sharon… we’re just around the corner from Josephine Young Park which is right on the Bay… In the […]