City Day

Saturday we left home early to hear George Johanson talk about his new show at Augen Gallery (in the DeSoto Building)…the paintings are lovely and lively, as is the painter.  I particularly liked this self portrait…(just above George’s head in the upper left of the painting is Louis Bunce’s life mask, which hangs in George’s […]


I actually do have a serious and informative post for later in the week, but I’ve been doing some summer things of late…it began with a seismic upgrade which meant cleaning the basement, this of a house we’ve lived in for 36 years…can you IMAGINE what a momentous photo this is?? …and artist Kathryn Cellerini […]

Hello March!

In Like a Lion today…hail, wind, pouring rain…but a happy day nonetheless.  The first Tuesday of the month is quilt group and today we went out to Lynda’s where everything is about sewing…the flower bed… and the dog (“Buttons”)…everything…in a good way. Show and tell included Lynda’s new quilt made from a pattern called “Smitten” […]

Hydrangea House

Once we thought of calling our house “Hydrangea House” but we gave it up, though we didn’t give up hydrangeas.  This morning early I made the rounds to see how everybody was doing, noting that early morning light is harsher on the plants, photographically speaking, than later on…but still, they look good…big blue and little […]


Oh bliss…this is it, don’t you think?  Berries… pie and birthdays dinners with neighbors (and here R had to borrow Evan’s garden gloves to open the champagne…) drives to the beach… More dinners… Thanks for the evening, you guys! heading home with a view of the Bay… …and GUYS…it isn’t even the 4th yet!