We had never been to Pienza…a lovely little hill town with a GORGEOUS small renaissance piazza built by Piccolomini…who later became Pope Pius the second in 1458. Designed by Bernardo Rossellino…student of Alberti…it was envisioned as the “ideal city” and in many ways, it is… and not only did we touristical types like it, it […]

Cortona at last…

Yes, the first cappuch…a welcome sight on the first morning.  We over-slept and while the whole group was touring Cortona we sat in the breakfast room drinking in the views with the coffee. from below Cortona looks like this and at the top is Piazza Garibaldi where the Hotel San Luca is located…built down the […]

Italia 2011

Amici!  Home at last with a few tales to tell…guess maybe I’ll drag it out… in installments? Leaving Portland at the end of May we checked the Louis Bunce mural of 1956 in the airport, once so controversial…now just plain beautiful… had our last American coffee and then jumped onto the plane where we were […]

Broadway Coffee…

Okay, I decided to give them another chance and the coffee I got today was delicious… but only “okay” in the pretty department (tho when she saw me taking the picture she said “Oh if I had known you were taking a picture I’d have made it prettier”…?) the place is cavernous but pleasant…it has […]


My mind is on other stuff this week, but here are two short news notes…got a delicious and almost-pretty coffee at Broadway coffee (in the new modern church buildiing on the east side of Broadway)…it’s Stumptown coffee.  The help…four people behind the counter…were so busy talking to each other that none could talk to me […]