Quilt Group: September

We met at Berneice’s yesterday and it was fascinating.  This group ranges from maniacs to traditional quilters, newbys to old hands, all encouraged and accepted, which makes every meeting a pure delight…plus seeing where people live and work is interesting…Berneice’s cheerful, tidy and very lovely house is just like her.  Her fridge front is full […]

TOO Much Fun…

Kate invited me along to her quilt group this morning, and what a fun group they are.  A variety of ages, a variety of interests, and very welcoming.  Our hostess was Linda whose entire house is a quilting treasure trove…here’s a brief tour…she collects buttons… including this cute as a button pup named Buttons… and […]

Works in Progress….

This weekend I got OUT of the bathroom… and INTO the studio… where, after looking at an old painting painted in memory of the lovely William Peyron, dishwasher at the Arbor Cafe for 6 years, reader, person of great good humor (sometimes old paintings are better than photographs for conjuring people up…this is called “I […]