On the Move

I’m thinking I should change the name of the blog to “On the Move” after this week.  We headed up the Gorge passing Multnomah Falls, and stopping at Boda’s Kitchen (thank you George) in Hood River for a quick and delicious lunch before crossing the bridge at The Dalles and heading east on beautiful highway […]

“Threading the Needle,” Rick Bartow, Dave (Nic) Nichols

I like it…looking at disparate stuff.  In random order.  The best.  Elizabeth and I raced through the pouring rain to Portland yesterday for “research”…a fiber-oriented show at the Helzer Gallery at PCC Rock Creek Campus.   Though the gallery was small…only enough room for one or two pieces from each artist, each piece had something to […]

Friday Follow Up

First and foremost, I made a mistake on the location of Rochelle and Nate Rafn’s new restaurant.  It will open early in June at 479 Court (next door to Olson’s Florist)…(that used to be Quizno’s sandwich shop…)  Thanks to my neighbor Jason Heimerdinger and David at the Statesman Journal, disaster was averted…because if you went […]

Garden Love…

There’s a moment in the spring garden where everything looks neat and tidy, beautiful, organized…and this week is it.  You know, just before it all gets wild and overgrown and crazy.   Bill was here to help us tidy up and it just looks beautiful to me today ( “Of course my baby is the […]