Love Your Library II: Kristin Kuhns

First, let me remind you of the upcoming fund-raiser for the Salem Public Library Children’s Room renovation, which is on Thursday, November 7th… The Children’s Room renovation will include (according to library staff): “The existing Children’s area activity room and adjacent under-utilized space (where the teen collection was previously housed) will be transformed into a […]

Friday Report…

Wow…busy week around here…but kind of a miscellaneous week to make a narrative out of…  It WAS a week with ART in it though…Elizabeth, Alex and I spent two days in Corrie’s summer studio (a generous offer on Corrie’s part)…she the first artist in residence whereby the CCC gallery is turned into a big studio […]

Living the Creative Life: Claudia Cave, Ella Rhoades, Cynthia Spencer

On Monday the “Salem Tribe” (Heidi Preuss Grew, Kristin Kuhns, Corrie Loomis Dietz and me) went to the Corvallis Arts Center to see the drawing show “Making a Mark” which comes down May 18th.  Though I have some drawings in the show and wanted feedback, really I was thinking they might all really like this […]

The Spring Quilt

This winter I was “confined” and had a lot of time to read, to sew and…to surf the internet.  Somewhere along the way I ran across the work of Japanese illustrator Siota Mako … and the idea for the spring quilt was born…here are a few more of the inspirational flowers of Mako’s that I […]


Hey readers…here’s a recent perfect Valentine’s coffee…wish I was sitting across from you sipping the beautiful brew…(I raise my cup)… …but instead I’m doing stuff like this:  using Borax and a “color remover thingie” (Mary’s technical term) to get out the red bleed on the recovery quilt, registering my lost baby quilt (thanks to Bill […]