Portland Friday

Today was a bit gloomy in that good Fall way…leaves fluttering down, a bit of rain.  We took off early for Portland and after an errand, we caught up on a few shows in the galleries currently on… by some of our favorite artists… PDX Gallery (9th and Flanders) is featuring a very nice Marie […]


Yesterday was “Bloomsday” when all over the world (but most especially in Dublin) devotees of James Joyce celebrate the master.  Salem probably was never one of the hot beds of celebration historically, but when combined with the opening of Rex Amos’ show of collage, chine colle and ephemera at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, […]

City Day…

Day three of the birthday week was a wandering sort of day…looking, maybe a little shopping.  In the quilting world people are always coming up with interesting things to do with scraps and the window designs downtown this season have some fabulous displays.  Here’s Anthropologie’s Christmas window and a FANTASTIC color display Plus this shop […]

Talking Heads…

Saturday was the day for artists talking about their work in Portland galleries…and we were on a fast track. Arrived at Laura Russo in time to hear Marlene Bauer’s witty remarks about her own terrific paintings (go see the show) and then to see Martha Lee introduce painter Henk Pander (go see the show…same gallery!) […]