Hello March!

In Like a Lion today…hail, wind, pouring rain…but a happy day nonetheless.  The first Tuesday of the month is quilt group and today we went out to Lynda’s where everything is about sewing…the flower bed… and the dog (“Buttons”)…everything…in a good way. Show and tell included Lynda’s new quilt made from a pattern called “Smitten” […]

A Breather…

Did you ever have a day when you just DID NOT want to go out?  Last Thursday for me… I wasn’t “unwell” exactly, and my mother is far beyond my reach, but it was a matter of comfort.  I needed a day of doing small things.  Getting some envelopes ready to mail… packing away Christmas… […]


The deed is done and it was fun!  On Tuesday we packed our cars, grabbed a coffee and took off for Newberg… Gallery director Tim Timmerman and his student assistant Sarah were ready for us and set to work…we arranged the pairs, it went up quickly… and when we arrived Friday afternoon…Voila! …just a few […]

Brief Quilt Interlude

Memorial day weekend, the travel quilts are finished, back to work on the show quilts…low blogging energy today…so…here’s the “ugly Fabric Challenge” quilt which I quilted in the car down to and back from Asilomar.  Twice as year somebody in the quilt group produces some less-than-ideal fabric, everybody gets a piece and goes away and […]

Quilt Report…

The leitmotif (recurring theme) in my life these days is the sewing, as I get ready for two quilt shows this fall.  I sew in the car, I sew in the morning, the afternoon, the evening, occasionally in bed.  I have a little spot staked out on the couch that catches the bright daylight and […]