“Short Stories”

“Short Stories” is the title of a little show up at Bush Barn this month…well worth seeing.  Ross Sutherland (curator of Bush House) chose pieces reflecting the title “Inside Out/Outside In”, Kathy Dinges Rice (director of the Community Arts Education program of SAA) used the title “”Who We Are”, and Caroline Brooks (the new exhibition […]

Compass Gallery at the Willamette Heritage Center

New Year, new adventure.  Necessary, interesting, taxing, good…fun.  Every year for the last few for me has begun with one major resolution…”Have More Fun.”  If you’re in town this Thursday evening come to the Willamette Heritage Center (formerly known as Mission Mill) from 5-7 and wish “us” well in this new endeavor.  “Us” being Dayna […]


The deed is done and it was fun!  On Tuesday we packed our cars, grabbed a coffee and took off for Newberg… Gallery director Tim Timmerman and his student assistant Sarah were ready for us and set to work…we arranged the pairs, it went up quickly… and when we arrived Friday afternoon…Voila! …just a few […]

Art Laundry, Day 3

Carolyn Schneider and I have just completed the third day of “Art Laundry II”, part of Salem Art Association’s Project Space, 2015.  Our proposal was to work in the space daily and build an installation where we examined the threads between “women’s domestic work” and art work.  How they might be similar, how they might […]

Art Laundry 2

In 2012 I went to Fort Bragg, California, to make art with my friend artist Carolyn Schneider, and to put up a show called “Art Laundry” at the Lost Coast Culture Machine Gallery.  We had fun, worked hard, and the show was a success and held over for another month.  Carolyn discovered her latent desire […]

Quilt Report…

The leitmotif (recurring theme) in my life these days is the sewing, as I get ready for two quilt shows this fall.  I sew in the car, I sew in the morning, the afternoon, the evening, occasionally in bed.  I have a little spot staked out on the couch that catches the bright daylight and […]

My Life So Far

I published this on my birthday in 2009-13, took a year off last year, but I still think it tells the first part of my story, and I love the old photos of the little me… Today (3-23)  is my birthday and I’ve attained a certain age.  I have plans, things to do, places to […]